Diploma Dissertations / Supervision of Diploma Dissertations at the School of Physics


 Supervision of Diploma Dissertations at the School of Physics

Retired from  December 2013. Final number: 105 

1.   The diagram Magnitude- Colour of the globular cluster M3. Savvas Contis and Demeter Ginis, 1980.

2. A study of the spectra of Be stars. E. Skaramagas (A. M. 7844) and G. Kossides (A.M. 8823). September 1991.

3. Astronomical ideas of the Mesopotamians and the South American civilizations. Ioannis Androulakis (A. M. 7844) and G. Kossides (A.M. 9444). June 1994.

4.  Cosmogony: From the myth to the speech. Demetrios Toumpes (A.M. 9735). September 1995.

5. Astronomical ideas in Greece till the 2nd A.D. Century. E. Panousses (A.M. 9280), E. Valsames (A.M. 9158). September 1995.

6. A study of satellite spectra of Early Type Stars using the program MIDAS. S. Vardulakes (A.M. 8745). April 1996.

7. A study of visible spectra of Ae and Be stars. Th. Lakas (A. M. 9380) and A. Tsaknarides (A.M. 9337). April 1996.

8. Astronomical ideas in Greece from 5th A.D. Century to 1600 A.D. E. Papadopoulou (A.M. 9603), H. Fikires (A.M. 9658). April 1996.

9. Astronomical ideas in the Mediterranean Sea till 3rd B.C. Century. E. Demokosta (A. M. 10080) and S. Tsalavoutas (A.M. 10225). May 1997.

10. Physics and cosmological ideas from Ancient times till today. Antonios Metsakos (A.M. 9665). November 1997.

11.An analysis of spectrophotometric data of Early Type Stars using the program IRAF. A. Kossionides (A.M. 10371). September 1997.

12.  Stellar winds and mass loss from Be stars. G. Emannuel (A. M. 10085), M. Galanes (A.M. 10547), H. Demaratos (A. M. 9496). September 1997.

13. Methods of analysis of spectrophotometric data through the programs MIDAS and IRAF. Examples for some Early Type Stars. A. Soulikias (A.M. 9715). September 1997.

14. A study of Early Type Stars. Spectrophotometric techniques. S. Antonito's (A.M. 8832) and M. Pessimisms (A. M. 9614). September 1997.

15. Spectrophotometric study of Be stars. E. Lyrists (A.M. 9556). September 1997.

16. Spectrophotometric study of Oe stars. A. Ameriotes (A.M. 8832) and I. Tsantes (A. M. 8647). September 1997.

17. Presocratic Philosophy and Modern Cosmology. A. Diamandes (A.M. 10339). June 1998.

18. Applications of Atomic Physics to the study of stellar spectra. N. Floros (A.M. 10231). June 1998.

19. A study of Be stars. G. Demopoulos (A.M. 8117). May 1998. Physics ideas in India. F. Grivas (A.M. 9178) and S. Agelou (A.M. 9138). September 1998.

20. Physics ideas in India. F. Grivas (A.M. 9178) and S. Agelou (A.M. 9138). September 1998.

21.  Supergiants and P Cygni profiles. A. Alexis (A.M. 10025). September 1998.

22. Spectrophotometry of Early Type Stars. Mass loss from Early Type Stars. E. Akourou (A.M. 10298). September 1998.

23. Spectrophotometry of Early Type Stars with data from spacecrafts. B. Kolozoumes (A.M. 10101), A. Oeconomou (A.M. 10169). November 1998.

24. Spectrophotometric study of Be stars. A. Gounares (A.M. 11091). March 1999.

25. Applications of Laboratory Exercises of Astrophysics using computers. P. Faropoulos (A.M. 9649). June 1999.

26. Cosmological models and Christian Fathers. L. Pantazes (A.M. 10695) and N. Hatzakes (A.M. 10759). June 1999.

27. Modern Cosmology and the Great Christian Fathers-Cosmological implications. A. Melissaratos (A.M. 10114). July 1999.

28. Modern spectrophotometric techniques. G. Theodorakes (A.M. 10348). September 1999.

29. De Caelum of Aristotle. A. koukoutsakes (A.M. 9858) and P. Koukakes (A.M. 10375). October 1999.

30. Astrometric measurements. G. Kyriakakes (A.M. 10378). April 2000.

31. The evolution of ideas in Cosmology. S. Manafas. June 2000.

32. Modern Cosmology and the Hexameron of St. Basilius the Great. Th. Alexandropoulosos (A.M. 10034). June 2000.

33. Galileo and Science. Papademetriou E. June 2001.

34. Copernicus and Astronomy. Soulis Anna. June 2001.

35. Galileo-Kepler and Newton. Varsos Leonidas. June 2001.

36. Johannes Kepler and Modern Astronomy. Diirdiris Sophia. June 2001.

37. The Sun as a star. Anairoussis Athanassios, June 2001.

38.  Life in the Universe. Kostopoulos Ioannis, June 2001.

39. The system Earth-Moon. Kouris Ioannis, June 2001.

40. Science and Philosophy. From Rationalist Theory to the Presocratic Philosophy. Kalyva Evie-Maria (A.M. 98275). June 2002.

41. The Arabs and Science. Gragopoulou Kanella (A.M. 99254). December 2003.

42. Theories and discoveries in Physics from 17th Century till 1930. Kontoleon Georgia-Anthi (A.M. 11488). June 2004.

43. Women in Science from the Antiquity till today-The Nobel prizes. Grousouzakou Panagiota (A.M. 11439) and Sitopoulos Demetrios (A.M. 11688) July 2004.

44. Astronomy in Byzantium. Karabelas Antonios (A.M. 98087) and Nikitopoulos Konstantinos (A.M. 98172) July 2004.

45. The path toward the Big Bang-The unification of the 4 forces. Kalemere Christina (A.M. 200100068). October 2005.

46. Cosmogony-Mythology and Philosophy of Ancient Nations. Sotiropoulou Elefteria-Kanella (A.M. 90233) November 2005.

47. Physics Science during 18th and 19th Centuries and the philosophical theories. Sarlis Helen (A.M. 200000246) December 2005.

48. Entropy and Time. Konstandas Konstantinos (A.M. 99112). December 2005.

49. Physics and Medicine. Physicians and Physics. Vakaloudis Demetrios (A.M. 200000365) April 2006.

50. Limniati Sophia (Α.Μ. 2000000151): The beginning of the theory of Electricity and the fundamental scientists. June 2006.

51. Lygeros Alexander (Α.Μ. 2000000348): The important scientists at the Middle Ages before Nicolaus Copernicus. June 2007.

52. Noussis Konstantinos (Α.Μ. 200100181): The important scientists during Middle Ages. May 2007.

53. Radiation, Nuclear Technology and Environment, Sfakianaki Maria (Α.Μ. 200100259), June 2007.

54. Athanassiou Fotios (Α.Μ. 20000005), Arabic scientific activity during Middle Ages, Οctober 2007.

55. Tsekoura Carolina (Α.Μ. 200200254), Byzantium: The great astronomers Theodore Metochites and Nicephoros Gregoras, Οctober 2007.

56. Prekates George (Α.Μ. 200100344), The Greek Enlightenment: From Cyril Loukaris to Iosepos Moisiododax and their offering to Physics Sciences.

57. Dacanalis Aris (Α.Μ. 200100042), The Great Pyramid-Composing astronomical elements, November 2007.

58. Katsikogiorgos Konstantinos (98343), The offerings of Physics in Medicine from Galileo till today, January 2008.

59. Perrakis Konstantinos (Α.Μ. 2001000212). The influence of Indian philosophy and astronomy to the Arabs and Byzantium, January 2008.

60. Hadjialexandrou Andrea (Α.Μ. 2001000314). Astronomy in Iran 6th to 13th century-Omar Chayam-al Biruni and the Chronology of ancient nations, March 2008.

61. Kanakis Vassileios (Α.Μ. 200200084). The scientific evolution in the Arabs from 6th to 14th centuries. April 2008.

62. Panagiotakis Christos (Α.Μ. 200000209). The pioneer physicist: Ioannes Philoponos. September 2008.

63. Κontogianni Maria (Α.Μ. 200000395). The School of Copenhagen: Aspects, followers and opponents. October 2008.

64. Κyriakidou Marilena (Α.Μ. 200400276). The famous German Mathematicians from Clavius to Gödel and their offering to Physics. July 2009.

65. Fotiou Xrystalla (Α.Μ. 200400284). History and Philosophy of Physics using multimedia for the course History and Philosophy of Astronomy and Physics. July 2009.

66. Giassoumi Anna (Α.Μ. 200400271). The evolution of philosophical ideas from Presocratic philosophers to Galileo - Educational process for the course History and Philosophy of Astronomy and Physics. July 2009.

67. Βοskeritian Takvor (Α.Μ. 2000-041). Aria Physics. The German scientific Community after the publication of the Theory of Relativity till the Nazism. September 2009.

68. Afentoulidou Despoina (Α.Μ. 200400281). The famous French   Mathematicians from L' Hospital to Lichnerowicz and their offering to Physics. September 2009.

69. Deligiannis Haralambos (Α.Μ. 200000067). The Greeks and the Arabs. The offerings of the Arabic World  in Science. Arabs and Byzantium. November 2009.

70. Kalapotharakos Ioannis (Α.Μ. 200200337). The famous French Mathematicians from Jules Haag to Augustin Louis Cauchy. November 2009.

71. Deligiannis Haralambos (Α.Μ. 200000067). Greeks and Arabs-The contribution of Arabs in Science-Arabs and Byzantium. December 2009.

72. Beis Basileios (Α.Μ. 200200350). The famous French Mathematicians from Poincare to Fresse and their contribution in Physics. December 2009.

73. Philippou Andreas (Α.Μ. 200300286). The famous Greek Mathematicians from Oinopides to Papakyriakopoulos and their contribution in Physics. March 2010.

74. Piperos Christos (A.M. 200200204). The prechristian nations and their contribution in the evolution of mathematics and the theory of numbers. March 2010.

75. Maniakas George (Α.Μ. 98143). "Arabs and Persian astronomers and their contribution in Astronomy and Physics". Μay 2010.

76. Magafas Charalambos (Α.Μ. 2000000156). " The famous  Hungarian, Polish and Tsexs Mathematicians and their contribution in Physics". Μay 2010.

77. Paraskevopoulos Demetrios Δημήτριος (Α.Μ. 2004000190). "Eleates Philosophers and their contribution to Physics-Xenophanes, Parmenides and Melissos", July2010.

78. Kouloumis Michael (Α.Μ. 2004000267). " The Italian mathematicians and their contribution to Physics and Astronomy", September 2010

79. Apessos Micahel (Α.Μ. 2003000014). "Helvetian Mathematicians and their contribution in Astronomy and Physics". September 2010.

80. Barypati Emmanouela (Α.Μ. 2005000286). "German astronomers and their contribution in Astronomy and Physics". September 2010.

81. Alyfantis Georgios (Α.Μ. 2004000267). "Wellknown American Mathematicians and their contribution in Physics". October 2010.

82. Scargiotis Athanassios (Α.Μ. 200200221). "British Mathematicians and their contribution in Physics. October 2010.

83. Karanicolas Ioannis (Α.Μ. 2000000381). "Belgian, Helvetians and Dutch astronomers and their contribution in Astronomy and Physics", July 2011. 

84. Dimakopoulos Ioannis (Α.Μ. 99048). "The universe of the Fathers of Orthodox Church and the Cosmology of St. Gregory of Nyssa", July 2011.

85. Antoniou Aikaterini (A.M. 200300012). "Galileo Galilei and his contribution in Science and Socierty", July 2011.

86. Μavropoulou Aikaterini (Α.Μ. 99133). "The contribution of  invetions to the development of Physics", July 2011.  

87. Papalekas Andreas (Α.Μ. 2003000187), "German mathematicians and their research", July 2011.  

88. Spiliotis Athanassios (Α.Μ. 1110200600190). "Teaching Mechanics using multiapplications", July 2011. (with lecturer Z. Smyrnaiou).

89. Andreou Hristina (Α.Μ. 1110200700228). "The evolution of physical ideas from  the forerunners of Copernicus to the Physics of 20th Century-Education and Multimedia", July 2011. 

90. Hadjigeorgiou Panagiotis (Α.Μ. 99262). "Αmerican astronomers, from Lowel Percival to Bowen Ira Sprague and their contribution in Astronomy and Physics", October 2011. 

91. Κarras Christos (Α.Μ. 2003000310). "German mathematicians and their contribution in Physics, from L. Bendavid to L. Brouwer", January 2012. 

92. Spiliotis Konstantinos (Α.Μ.200500226). "The Harmony of the Pythagorean' Spheres and its corellation with modern music and Physics", January 2012.

93. Fragopoulou Myrtia (Α.Μ. 200200266). "The Biblical Bases of Modern Cosmology", April 2012.

94. Κatergiannakis Αndreas (Α.Μ. 200400086). ' French mathematicians and their contribution in Physics, from Blaise Pascal to Nicolas Bourbaki", May 2012. 

95. Basina Eyaggelia (A.M. 200700275). Spacecrafts and Missions-Modern Telescopes. May 2012.

96. Giakoumettis Georgios (A.M. 200300042). candinvian, Dutcha nad Belgian mathematicians and their contribution to Natural Sciences. June 2012.

97. Μitidis Panagiotis (Α.Μ. 2000000328). "Science-Pysics-Religion, Οctober, 2012. 

98.  Κοnstantinou Georgia (Α.Μ. 200600097). " The PhET for the lessons of Electromagnetism in Physics", Οctober, 2012.

99. Georgiadis Georgios (Α.Μ. 200000047). "The evolution of the philosophical aspects during the birth of the Quantum theory", November 2012. 

100. Aggelidis, A. (A.M. 200300369) The Italians astronomers and their contribution in Physics, Astrophysics and Astronomy, April 2013.

101. Lygeros Alexandros (ΑΜ 200000348). The Fundamental Research in Astronomy before Copernicus in West, April 2013.

102. Mihailidis Andreas (Α.M. 200000176). The cintribution of Alchemy in Natural Sciences, June 2013. 

103. Kourouklis Nikolaos, Α.Μ. 200200363. Th Chania Sundial, Decemnber 2013.

104. Vazoura Eyaggelia, Α.Μ. 200500015. American astronomers and theitr contribution in Physics and Asdtronomy. December 2013.

105. Pappas Vasileios, Α.Μ. 200100330. Ancient Greek astronomers and their contribution in Astronomy. December 2013.

Final number: 105. [Retired from December 28, 2013].